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Introducing the Siyana Abaya, a stunning 4-piece open kimono abaya set crafted from high-quality crepe material. This ensemble includes an open abaya adorned with a unique pattern frill design, accompanied by a matching Nida slip and hijab, as well as a traditional matching belt.

The Siyana Abaya is perfect for those looking for an elegant and stylish outfit that is both comfortable and practical. The smooth crepe material ensures that the abaya flows effortlessly around your figure while providing excellent coverage at all times.

The matching Nida slip provides additional coverage while also ensuring that the abaya falls beautifully around you with every step you take. The traditional matching belt helps to cinch in your waistline to create a flattering silhouette.

Pair this beautiful ensemble with elegant heels or sandals to complete your look effortlessly! Whether it's for casual wear or formal occasions, you're sure to make heads turn in this stunning Siyana Abaya!

Siyana Abaya | 4pc Open Kimono abaya Set | Crepe Material Abaya

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