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Introducing the stunning 'Sidra Abaya,' an exquisite piece of clothing that is sure to turn heads. This beautiful closed abaya features a lovely floral beadwork pattern that gracefully flows from the shoulders. The intricate details of the beadwork provide an elegant touch to this abaya, making it perfect for any special occasion.

Crafted from high-quality zoom material, this abaya is both comfortable and durable. The breathable fabric ensures that it's easy to wear throughout the day, making it perfect for occasions where you want to look your best without sacrificing comfort.

But that's not all - this Sidra Abaya comes with a matching hijab! This matching hijab completes your elegant look while perfectly complementing your new Sidra Abaya. No need to scour through multiple stores looking for a matching hijab when you can get everything in one place with our Sidra Abaya.

So why wait? Add some elegance and style into your wardrobe with our beautiful 'Sidra Abayas.' With its stunning details and comfortable material, you're sure to make an impression wherever you go!

Sidra Abaya | Beadwork Zoom abaya | Matching hijab | closed abaya

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