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The Original Floral Aiza Abaya is a stunning piece of Muslim fashion that seamlessly blends modern and classic styles. This open abaya boasts an elegant floral embossed print and features exquisite crystal borders along the neckline, adding a subtle touch of sparkle to your outfit.

This 4 piece set includes the abaya itself, a kimono, slip dress, belt and scarf - everything you need for an effortlessly elegant look that is perfect for any occasion. With its timeless design and attention to detail, this abaya is sure to turn heads wherever you go.

Available in Grey,Brown,Navy,and Black colors,and sizes 50 through 60,this Aiza Abaya will fit perfectly with your personal style. Don't miss out on this must-have addition to any Muslim fashion wardrobe!

Floral Aiza Abaya | Floral Embossed Print, Crystal Border | 4 Piece

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