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Introducing the elegant Fariha Abaya, a stunning masterpiece of modest fashion. This exquisite abaya is designed to captivate with its enchanting details and versatile style. Adorned with delicate sequins, the Fariha Abaya effortlessly blends glamour and grace. Crafted to perfection, this abaya offers the freedom to choose between leaving it open or closed, allowing you to personalize your look based on the occasion or your preference. Its flowing silhouette embraces your form, resembling a majestic umbrella, which adds an enchanting touch as you move gracefully. The Fariha Abaya is a true embodiment of elegance and modesty, combining luxurious embellishments with timeless design. With its mesmerizing sequins, the abaya illuminates any room, making you feel confident and radiant. Whether attending a special event or seeking everyday sophistication, the Fariha Abaya is a remarkable choice that showcases your unique style with grace and poise.

Fariha Abaya | 2 Piece

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