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Introducing the stunning Asma Abaya, designed to elevate your modest fashion wardrobe. This abaya boasts a beautiful and simplistic design with a unique touch of stripped fur on the sleeves, adding a touch of luxury to your style.

This abaya comes complete with a matching slip dress and hijab, making it easy for you to put together an effortlessly elegant outfit in no time. The slip dress adds an extra layer of comfort and coverage while maintaining the sleek silhouette that is so desirable in modest fashion.

Crafted from high-quality materials, our Asma Abaya is both durable and comfortable, making it perfect for all occasions - whether you're attending formal events or simply running errands.

In summary, the Asma Abaya is an excellent choice for those who love simple yet striking designs that add sophistication to their outfit effortlessly. With its unique stripped fur sleeves along with matching hijab & slip dress - this abaya will make sure all eyes are on you while keeping you comfortable throughout the day!

Asma Abaya | Fur Stripped Sleeve | Matching Slip Dress | Matching Hijab

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