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Introducing the Alayna Abaya, a stunning 4-piece ensemble designed to make you stand out in style. This abaya is crafted from sheer and delicate organza fabric, which gives it a see-through appearance that exudes a sense of elegance and sophistication.

The abaya is paired with a long sleeve slip dress that adds another layer of coverage while providing unmatched comfort. The sleeve and border of the abaya are heavily embellished with Diamante stones, giving it an opulent touch.

The Alayna Abaya comes with matching hijab and belt to complete the look. The hijab perfectly blends in with the outfit while adding an extra layer of refinement to your overall appearance.

The bell sleeves further enhance its aesthetic appeal by adding volume without compromising on comfort or mobility. The design elements work together seamlessly to create an ensemble that's perfect for any occasion where you want to be stylish yet modestly dressed.

In conclusion, if you're looking for something unique yet practical for your wardrobe collection, look no further than the Alayna Abaya - perfect for those who want elegance without sacrificing modesty!

Alayna Abaya | Organza, embellished Feature, Stone Works | 4 Piece

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